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    Sinem Varna - Hayal Gücü Merkezi

    Sinem Varna

    Starbuck's CEO
    • Yönetim Kurulu Üyesi

    Sinem Varna, Board Member of Imagination Association, has been working on social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and learning methods for more than 6 years.
    She has been actively involved in coordination, team leadership and social work and has been the implementer and organizer of more than 50 workshops within the Imagination Association.

    During this time, she also worked as a social media manager in initiatives and programs such as Alesta Tech, Social Impact Network and Piksel New Media. Through her work, she collaborated with many organizations and brands.

    She actively continues the Women’s Studies Unit, which she founded in November 2022. She mainly designs collaborations with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Beşiktaş Municipality. Within the scope of these collaborations, she continues to work one-on-one with women aged 14-18 and 65+. At the same time, she leads the efforts to empower women and girls within the Imagination Power Association.

    She continues to take part in social support activities on topics such as peer-to-peer learning and stakeholding, building curiosity and skill-based communities, women’s labor and entrepreneurship, self-esteem in girls, communication and guidance.