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    Frequently Asked Questions

    About the Imagination Awards

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    • How to Design Imagination Awards?

      The designs of the Imagination Awards are prepared together with and in consultation with children.

    • Who cannot be nominated or awarded?

      No sponsoring brand or any brand/person directly affiliated with that brand can be nominated or awarded at the award ceremony.

    • What are the Imagination Awards?

      The Imagination Association is organized to increase the visibility and support of people, institutions and works produced with curiosity and skill and inspired by imagination.

    • How many categories are awarded in total?

      The Imagination Awards are given in seven main categories: 'Inspiring, Hopeful, Transformative, Stubborn, Childish, Encouraging and Provocative'. Honorary awards and other award titles vary from year to year.

    • Is there an age limit to become a candidate?

      No, there is no age limit for nomination. People of any age can be nominated.

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